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Woman Artists for Women's Rights

This Saturday the 10th please come out and show your support for Planned Parenthood. All  proceeds of all sales go directly to PP. 
 Available works by:
Katherine Bernhardt, Yevgeniya Baras, Sarah Braman, Melissa Brown, Lizzi Bougatsos, Maria Calandra, Kari Cholnoky, Emily Davidson, Violet Dennison, Jessica Dickinson, Arielle Falk, Elizabeth Ferry, Rachel Foullon, Jess Fuller, Raina Hamner, EJ Hauser, Gretta Johnson, Corinne Jones, Erin Lee Jones, Pali Kashi, Fabienne Lasserre, Maia Ruth Lee, Sofia Leiby, Lauren Luloff, Carly Mark, Annabeth Marks, Sam Moyer, Annie Pearlman, Virginia Poundstone, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Mariah Robertson, , Jessi Reaves, Adrianne Rubenstein, Louise Sheldon, Ruby Sky Stiler, Mika Tajima, Aine Vonnegut, Annette Wehrhahn, Wendy White, and Sarah Welsh Elliott.

Summmer Flats at Shrine

Group show with  Kyle Breitenbach , Melissa Brown, Maria Calandra, Marcus Jahmal,  Sadie Laska,  Ellie Pyle , Mason Saltarrelli and Scott Zieher

June 29th through August 21st
SHRINE is located at 191 Henry St., NY, New York

The Lower East Side as Petri Dish

Mentioned in the New York Times for Inaugural Group Exhibition at Romeo. 

ROMEO Aurel Schmidt is another young artist who has turned proactive where galleries are concerned. She is known for a somewhat refined Surrealistic figurative style, especially in large drawings. In recent months she has, mostly on her own, wrested into existence an exhibition space that will concentrate on works on paper, naming it Romeo. The inaugural exhibition features drawings, prints and related works by about 40 artists, known and not, from several generations. Especially excellent is “Swinburne’s Pasiphae,” a video by Mary Reid Kelley replete with her signature hand-drawn style and stagy recitation. Other familiar names include Stanya Kahn, Anton van Dalen (whose solo show is next at Romeo), Gina Beavers, Rita Ackermann and Kinke Kooi, outdoing herself in a mostly green hyper-real fantasy mix of entrailslike plants and interiors. The artists unfamiliar to me include Jacques Louis Vidal and Stefanie Popp; Christopher Milic (a 24-year-old skateboarder); Alexander Nolan; Nate Antolik; and Maria Calandra, who specializes in graphite drawings of other artists’ studios and contributes a view of the Romeo show being installed. Pleasantly, there’s not much glass between you and the art here; it’s mostly pinned directly to the wall.

Roberta Smith, April 22, 2016

Romeo Inaugural Exhibition

featuring drawings and works on paper by:  Rita Ackermann, Nate Antolik, Gina Beavers, Joe Brainard, Jason Brinkerhoff, Andy Cahill, Maria Calandra,  Milano Chow, Anton Van Dalen, Austin English, DeSe Escobar, Maureen Gallace, Joseph Geagan, Al Hansen, Jeanette Hayes, Butt Johnson, Irena Jurek, E’wao Kagoshima, Ken Kagami, Stanya Kahn, Sanya Kantarovsky, Mary Reid Kelley, Zak Kitnick, Kinke Kooi, Bradley Kronz, Sadie Laska, Josh Mannis, Jason McLean, Christopher Milic, Ebecho Muslimova, Alexander Nolan, Laura Piasta, Stefanie Popp, Joe Roberts, Aurel Schmidt, Shay Semple, Spencer Sweeney, Tom Thayer, Jason Tomme, Shay Semple , Will Sheldon, Jacques Louis Vidal & Amelie von Wulffen

Romeo is a new exhibition space dedicated to drawings & works on paper
                               90 Ludlow St. New York, NY
                          open Saturdays & Sundays noon - 6pm
                                       and by appointment